Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Whoa, what happened?

It's totally my fault, I was next to blog and that was over a month ago. What happened? Actually, nothing really... and I think that's why I lost complete umph to blog. I was doing what we had planned and I didn't really have anything to update! No new recipes, no new work outs and no more things I had planned to remove from my diet. I went to blog and all I saw was a blank window with nothing to fill in. Thats what happened. After a few sweet comments on IG asking why we haven't posted, it made me slice out time to JUST DO IT tonight.

Some updates!?

Couch to 5k - Still going! I have 9 runs left and I will have finished the program! I have gotten behind more then I would like but, because of Brianne's accountability aka nagging, I am still going! People listen to me now.... it was so hard for me to run 2 minutes straight when I started and my last run was 22 minutes straight. 22 minutes!!!! That's a miracle in my book. Let me be clear though, I still hate running. I find it very boring, but it works. I sweat hard and feel good. It's a total mental battle for me and sometimes I'm fighting the mental battle every second of my run. I really like working through that though, I feel like I'm learning discipline every time I don't give up.

before and after running in my hot garage
I sweat....a LOT

Ya know, I don't think I'll ever have a drastic before and after story. Maybe I'm a bit too lazy, stubborn, lack the discipline or don't value a goal enough. It seems i'll always be right in the middle of that tension of wanting to strive for something, taking 2 steps forward than one step back due to whatever reason. I don't find that a very inspiring thing, but to be honest, thats just where I picture me always being. I don't think that is a failure though either. I've changed so much already and my family is eating the healthiest we ever had, I'm still exercising, still sticking with my eating changes and taking my supplements. I guess at times I crave that drastic change but I don't think I have it in me to do what it takes. So I'm somewhere in the middle :)

Any of you still doing Couchto5k? Finished already? What did you think!?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too Busy Having Fun...

Sorry that I've been slacking on blogging this week! My husband had a convention he needed to attend in Las Vegas for work and he doesn't like going out there without me so I happily tagged along. I packed my running clothes with the best intentions of running while I was here but instead I've spent the last 24 hrs eating yummy food, walking around shopping by myself, watching Walking Dead in our hotel room, gambling a bit, and overall having a darn good time. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to post in the next couple days. Oh well, I'll do my running tomorrow. 

I haven't taken a single picture this whole trip but here is a photo of us from the last time we were in Vegas. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Losing weight....

I knew when I began my healthy changes that I would lose weight. It was bound to happen. I was not eating every candy in sight, not snacking as much, choosing an apple over a huge bowl of cereal and not eating out. That would eventually change my outside as well as my insides right?

YUP! It did. I slowly trimmed down a bit and clothes started fitting better.... then I hit a plateau and maintained. If I was at the weight I wanted to be at then that would be great, but I'm not. There is a  bit more I would love to get off before I hit 35! Wait, I'm going to be 35!? That is nuts!  The older I get the harder it will be to keep weight off, I'm assuming, so I need to do it now.

"Although weight gain is common in your 30s, it is not inevitable or necessary. Maintaining a healthy weight during your 30s reduces your risk of overweight, obesity and chronic illnesses in later adulthood."  Tina M. St. John 

So......... I needed to step it up a notch. We started the couch to 5k which feels incredibly effective. I sweat so much and feel like I'm working hard for that short 30 mins. I also do ab and arm work outs through the week too. But, I think that's what I would normally be doing anyways for health. I think the biggest thing now I need to work on my portions and late snacking.

If I'm truly hungry, I eat, and I want to keep it that way. The areas that I can cut back on are smaller portions at dinner time and not having late night snacks. I have done that over the last 2 weeks and have already seen results. Matter of fact.... I fit into my goal shorts SO SO much better! I still have work to do but seeing progress is so encouraging!

For me, it looks like my normal healthy eating and work out routines will help me maintain my current weight. If I want to trim down at all, I need to make a few tweaks with my eating and that is the nudge my body needs to drop a bit of the poundage.  What about you guys? What works for you?

Fighting against the muffin top,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Tip For Beginner Runners

For some reason I've been having a hard time thinking of things to blog about lately.  I think that part of the reason is because I don't really feel like I've made any new changes lately, and partly because I've been busy and distracted with life.  I'm not sure how full time bloggers come up with things to write about everyday, my life just isn't that interesting!  I mean how many times can I possibly write about coconut oil before I scare everyone away?

Last week we started the Couch to 5K.  Now I realize I'm kinda cheating since I already completed this program a couple years ago, but running is one of those "use it or lose it" kinda things…. and since I haven't been running I've completely lost it.  The one thing that quickly came back were my sore knees.

I run on a treadmill in my living room, nothing about it makes for a good photo. :)
*Side note* About 10+ years ago I had an illness called Graves Disease.  Part of my treatment was some pretty high dosages of Prednisone (a steroid) for about a year.  Side effect of those steroid treatments were some pretty messed up knees, along with a slew of other things… don't even get me started on my disdain for steroids now!

Anyways, one of the most valuable things I learned last time I did the Couch to 5K was the importance of stretching before and after running, especially if you have bad knees like I do.  But not just any stretching, dynamic stretching.  Dynamic stretching is just like regular stretching except you do it while you're moving.  This is the video I followed on dynamic stretching.  I do each exercise for about 30 seconds and it has seriously diminished (and often eliminates) any pain I might get in my knees.  Without the dynamic stretching I tend to feel it in my knees after about 1 minute of jogging.  Everyone is different, and you may need to stretch more or less than I do, but keep on testing it out until you find what works for you.

I am a complete beginner and I'm just passing on info that has worked for me.  From what I've read it's best to do dynamic stretches before running and static stretches after.  Static stretch are when you've cooled down, usually sitting in one position and holding each stretch to help pull and lengthen the muscle.  Static stretches are pretty much the normal stretches that most people are familiar with.

I hope this helps!  Don't skip stretching, it doesn't take much time and your muscles like the prep. :)

Anyone have any suggestions for stuff to blog about… Help! Please!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Couch to 5k - Day 1

We don't plan on blogging everyday about our Couch to 5k adventure but I thought I would share about day 1 of 27!
this is what the app looks like

Here is where I will be doing most of my my wee garage. It's not the most inspiring atmosphere but if I listen to music real loud, it will do the trick. You know... be content, bloom where you are planted, use what you got type thing :)

my girls stayed close and got real excited for the running parts

The 30 minutes went by pretty fast, I really enjoyed the walking bits :) It was pretty much walk 1.5 minutes and then jog 1 minute for 30 minutes total. The app is great, easy and I love how it interrupts the music you are listening to to tell you when to start jogging or walking. I was sweating like a buffalo when I was done and so so so excited to see the "Workout Complete" screen!  For a girl who has a hard time finishing things she starts.... seeing anything that says I completed something is a good thing. Even if its day one of many many more to come.

So far so good... who is starting with us? 3 times a week of this is super doable right!? 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I hate running and I'm doing "Couch to 5k"

Seriously, what in the world is happening? I hate running, I've always hated it. So of course I'm going to start the "Couch to 5k" app on my phone. ( Brianne is going to do it too!)

Couch to 5k is a running app on your phone that is a beginners program " The idea is to transform you from a couch potato to a runner, getting you to begin running a 5k or 3.1 miles and on a regular basis in just 2 months"

I was so blessed to get a hand me down Treadmill and I have no where to stick it other than my hot tiny garage but who cares! It was free and it will work just fine in there. This way I can get my running done with my girls playing or doing school work nearby. This way I have no excuse why I cant "go" running. I can do it at home OR around my neighborhood. Do you notice how often I need to create situations where I can have "no excuse", clearly I'm good at making them up.

I've always wanted to try this and stick with it through all the hate and pain it will cause. We are also going to add in weight and ab workouts through the week too.  We will keep you updated on how it goes....we start tomorrow, as in Thursday the 13th!  You wanna join!? Come on!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Get It Now

It's become very clear over the last few months how people turn into health nuts.  First you make a few little changes, then you start feeling better and want to make more changes, then BAM before you know it you're a full blown crazy health nut.  I still consider myself so far from health nut status it's not even funny (especially considering I've had dessert twice this week and it's only Tuesday, oops!), but I definitely have a much better idea on how that sneaks up on you.  

So as much as I dislike the idea of being a health nut I'm realizing that it's not as far off as it once seemed… But really who am I kidding, I have the self discipline of a 2 year old, I'll never be a health nut. 

I should also mention that I actually find these posters amusing and even somewhat motivational now, which I'm sure says something about how nutty I'm becoming.