Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Whoa, what happened?

It's totally my fault, I was next to blog and that was over a month ago. What happened? Actually, nothing really... and I think that's why I lost complete umph to blog. I was doing what we had planned and I didn't really have anything to update! No new recipes, no new work outs and no more things I had planned to remove from my diet. I went to blog and all I saw was a blank window with nothing to fill in. Thats what happened. After a few sweet comments on IG asking why we haven't posted, it made me slice out time to JUST DO IT tonight.

Some updates!?

Couch to 5k - Still going! I have 9 runs left and I will have finished the program! I have gotten behind more then I would like but, because of Brianne's accountability aka nagging, I am still going! People listen to me now.... it was so hard for me to run 2 minutes straight when I started and my last run was 22 minutes straight. 22 minutes!!!! That's a miracle in my book. Let me be clear though, I still hate running. I find it very boring, but it works. I sweat hard and feel good. It's a total mental battle for me and sometimes I'm fighting the mental battle every second of my run. I really like working through that though, I feel like I'm learning discipline every time I don't give up.

before and after running in my hot garage
I sweat....a LOT

Ya know, I don't think I'll ever have a drastic before and after story. Maybe I'm a bit too lazy, stubborn, lack the discipline or don't value a goal enough. It seems i'll always be right in the middle of that tension of wanting to strive for something, taking 2 steps forward than one step back due to whatever reason. I don't find that a very inspiring thing, but to be honest, thats just where I picture me always being. I don't think that is a failure though either. I've changed so much already and my family is eating the healthiest we ever had, I'm still exercising, still sticking with my eating changes and taking my supplements. I guess at times I crave that drastic change but I don't think I have it in me to do what it takes. So I'm somewhere in the middle :)

Any of you still doing Couchto5k? Finished already? What did you think!?