Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Helpful Hints Part 2

A couple weeks ago Kristin posted her helpful hints, and since I enjoyed reading the things that are helpful to her I thought I'd share some of mine.

  • Get a large cup to take everywhere.  We all know how great it is to drink water, and lots of it!  I've found that a good cup goes a long way.  I prefer the metal cups from Starbucks.  I keep filling it up during the day, take it with me when I'm running errands, and when I want my water cold it does a really good job of keeping it cold for quite a while.  Drinking lots of water is easy for me now but when I was first getting in the habit it took some work, anything that helps get it down is a bonus! 

  • Always keep a couple go-to healthy meals on hand.  I know that if we don't have something at home to eat it's so much easier for us to get off track.  I make sure we keep a few basics around for those times we're in a hurry or scrounging to make a meal.  Frozen chicken and veggies along with a couple cans of canned chicken are things we find handy when we need a quick and easy meal.

  • Try something new at the grocery store.  I often try and pick up one or two things at the grocery store to help with finding new healthy things we can eat.  Grab a new granola, or a different type of yogurt, maybe you'll find something new that you love.  I tried coconut sugar a little while back and I'm totally hooked now! 

  • Paper to-go cups!!  I might sound crazy here but putting my dandy blend (or coffee for you normal people) in a paper to-go cup and bringing it with me to church or while I go grocery shopping has done wonders in keeping me away form all those coffee shops out there.  I still get the fun of having my little cup with me without the added sugar and caffeine that I try and avoid. 

  • Keep a chocolate bar in the fridge.  I find that if I keep a chocolate bar in the fridge and have a little square or 2 when I'm having a craving it has done wonders with keeping me from fully caving.  My favorite is this Chocolove Almond with Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (you can find them at most grocery stores).  It's rich enough to fill the urge for something sweet without needing to feel guilty for overdoing it... It didn't on the other hand keep me from sharing a cookies and cream shake with my friend today.

I would love to hear your helpful hints… what keeps you on track?  Any tips for us?  It's always nice to hear what has helped others along the way.


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  1. Great ideas! That cup is stellar and now i want to pick up some coconut sugar tomorrow. i started following a lot of fitness motivational IG accounts (since I'm always camping out), and i make an effort to pack snacks whenever i am going out to avoid the drive thru. And putting on workout clothes when i get ready for the day. Y'all are awesome!!