Monday, March 10, 2014

Its been a good week!

Finally I feel back on track! I don't have much to share at all except for a few things that I think helped me have a strong week.

#1. I have worked out earlier in the day all week. I get it done before I talk myself out of it or get too busy!

#2. I have been carrying trail mix and small apples in my purse so I have no excuse to eat a bad snack while Im out.

#3. I have been making a good amount of chicken every Monday or Tuesday. I have learned this really helps me to stay on track with my eating! I can quickly make a chicken salad, have chicken and veggies, sandwich or chicken tacos. They are meals I look forward to, are quick and according to my eating plan.

Chicken tacos, my new favorite meal.  Corn tortillas filled with chicken, 
black beans, onion, lettuce, salsa and a tad bit of cheese.

I'm really happy with the 90 day Hasfit work out schedule, but I do feel an urge to step it up a notch and add in some running (which I hate) or find a class to take. What are you all doing!?

- Kristin

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